Quicken Error OL-293 (When Updating the Accounts)

Quicken Error OL-293 occurs when updating the accounts using online services. Error Code OL-293-A generally arise when Quicken doesn’t receive the response from the server.

This problem may arise temporary from the bank server that use Quicken to connect.

In this post, we’ll discuss the causes and solution methods to fix the problem.

Note: You may also face Quicken Error OL-294

Causes for Quicken Error Code OL-293

  • Unexpected response from the server
  • Incorrect or Outdated logins(Username & Password)
  • Temporary server outage

Things to do before starting with the troubleshooting steps

1. Create a Quicken data file backup

Our recommendation is to create a Quicken file backup prior to taking any troubleshooting steps because if there would be any fallback in between the process so you can come back to the same place. To create a backup:

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Backup and Restore > Back up Quicken File…
  • Click on Back up Now

2. Turn off the automatic download transactions into register

In order to fix this problem, we may need to deactivate an account in Quicken but before that, it’s best to turn off automatically add the transactions to the banking register feature that helps to avoid the duplication of transactions into the account.

To do that:

  • Go to Edit > Preferences…
  • Click on Downloaded Transactions
  • Now unchecked the Automatically add to banking registers
  • Then click OK

Note: Process to fix Quicken Error OL-293 may be complex, you can speak with TheSupportZone expert for a quick resolution. Dial TollFree or leave us your message.

8 Simple Methods to Fix Quicken Error OL-293

Method 1: Update Quicken to the Latest Release

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Help > Check for Updates
  • If an update is available to install, click on Yes to launch it.

Method 2: Refresh Online Account Information

  • Click on the Account(To the left side)
  • Once account register is open click on the top-right gear icon with a drop-down menu
  • Then click Update Now (Ctrl+Alt+U)
  • Next screen prompts you to enter a vault or bank password
  • Then click Update Now
  • Now try to update the accounts again

Method 3: Wait 24-48 Business Hours

After trying the above methods, please wait at least 24-48 business hours. It may take some time to implement the changes on the bank’s server or website. You can try to update the account after 24-48 hours if the same problem happens again then try the same methods as shown above.

We don’t recommend deactivating and reactivate the account as this error arises for the temporary period of time but after waiting for too long if the same problem is still happening, please proceed further with the below methods too.

Method 4: Verify the Account Information

  • Go to Tools > Account List
  • Click on Edit to the account that is in question
  • Select the General tab, verify the account information such as account number, customer id, etc.

Method 5: Verify the Password

  • Go to Tools > One Step Update…
  • Uncheck all the other banks except the one that causing this trouble
  • Then enter the password and click Update Now

Method 6: Deactivate an Account

You may need to deactivate an account in order to fix this error. Deactivation of an account doesn’t cause the data loss.

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Now you can click on Edit to an account that causing this problem
  • Select the Online Services tab
  • Then click Deactivate
  • Now click Yes to confirm
  • Then click OK and Done

Method 7: Reactivate the Deactivated Account

  • Go to Tools > Add Account…
  • Then select the type of an account such as Checking, Savings, etc.
  • Now click on Advanced Setup(to the bottom left corner)
  • Now type the name of your bank/financial institution
  • Then click Next
  • Select a suitable connection method and click Next
  • Now enter the bank Username and Password
  • Then click Connect
  • Now Quicken starts to look up your accounts at a bank
  • Once you can see the list of your accounts, it’s time to reactivate account(s)
  • Instead of adding the accounts again, you need to LINK it with an existing account in Quicken(See an image below)
  • Then click Next and Finish
Quicken Error Code OL-293

Method 8: Contact your Bank/Financial Institution

If the same problem still exists after following all the above methods, you may need to contact your financial institution. It could be a possibility that your bank making some changes or they’re facing some trouble with the servers.

You need to speak with the online specialist in a bank that handles online banking issues. If he/she can’t fix the issue the ticket would arise with the superior department to fix the issue.

After following all the above methods you’ll no longer face Quicken Error Code OL-293 but in case it still exists, you can speak with our experts for a quick resolution. Dial Us or Leave us your message.

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